Ranger City Riders is a family oriented Snowmobile / ATV / UTV Club located in the heart of Amberg, WI. Our club manages and maintains 68 miles of trails in and around the Amberg / Wausaukee, WI area.   We work with several land owners to acquire permission to make these trails possible, then perform trail marking, brushing, grooming and grading.  We sponsor numerous events and raffles to raise funds to help cover the ever increasing costs of maintaining our local trail system.  We currently have 145 members and are always looking to grow our recreational  family.   



Ranger City Riders will be changing the membership renewal due date to run each year from July 1st  to June 30th.  We will have notifications in our upcoming newsletters regarding the change and in your May newsletter you will find your membership renewal form due back by July 1, 2018 which will be valid until June 30, 2019.  If we don’t receive your membership renewal form returned within 60 days we will change your status to an inactive member and your AWSC membership will not be renewed which will cause delay in your  trail pass. This change is to better help our membership volunteers better manage and create a little less work for them as in the past they have been taking care of memberships every month.  This will also line up with most recreational registrations and trail pass renewal dates.  If you have any questions please contact an RCR Board Member.

RCR Trail Conditions

2017/2018 Season


3/13/2018 – RCR Trails are open but in poor condition.  Many areas are bare and have no snow.  We have stopped grooming at this time.

3/6/2018 – RCR Trails are open but not in good condition due to lack of snow and the warm weather we had earlier. We are not grooming. Some wet areas and bare spots. Ride at your own risk. Trails will improve with the fresh snow we are getting today. No atv’s/utv’s allowed at any time.

2/27/2018 – RCR trails are diminishing, a lot of standing water. This could be the end. We are not actually saying our trails are closed but they are in poor shape at this time. Ride at your own risk

2/20/2018 – RCR Trails open are in good condition. The rain we got turned over to a sleet snow which added about 3/4 of an inch to the top of everything so everything is white and rideable. Hope for more snow later in the week.

2/13/2018 – RCR Trails are open West Trail and the Highway Trail and our North Trail are all groomed and in very good riding condition. Our east trail is groomed from Wausaukee to County K. We will groom the North end of the East Trail, from County K going north, by the end of the week. More updates later in the week.

1/30/2018 – RCR Trails are open and hopefully we get some snow this week. As of now our trails are all pretty frozen and I see very little snow for lubrication. If we get some snow in the next couple of days we will be out grooming our east trail (Corridor 1). We’re going to try to groom with the mini groomer later in the week. Trails are rideable but we do need some snow. We will update later in the week.

1/19/2018 – RCR Trails are open and in fair condition.  West Trail is groomed but please use caution through the logging section.  Highway and North trails have been groomed.  East Trail is not groomed due to swamps yet but is passable to ride.  Hoping to groom next week. As always please ride safely!

1/09/2018 – RCR Trails are open. Conditions poor/fair due to lack of snow Ride with caution.

12/26/17 – RCR Trails are open from Beecher to Amberg and from Amberg to Sociable’s Bar on County C. The trail from Sociable’s Bar to Wausaukee is closed till January 9. And our East Trail (Corridor 1) is closed at this time due to water and hunting.

12/19/17 – RCR Trails are open from Beecher to Amberg and from Amberg to Sociable’s Bar on County C. The trail from Sociable’s Bar to Wausaukee is closed till January 9. And our East Trail (Corridor 1) is closed at this time due to water and hunting.

12/14/17 – RCR trail system is CLOSED!

11/7/17 – RCR trail system is CLOSED!


Things you might want to know: 


* Please make sure to renew your club memberships which are due by July 1 each year*


Marinette County Trail Info/Report


Wisconsin Snow Report



Words of Wisdom

Please remember to stay on the trail or stay home! Snowmobiling is a privilege not a right and can change if we don’t respect landowners property. Stay Right – Stay Safe!


RCR’s trail system does not allow ATV/UTV’s.  We currently have Road routes that get you through the Amberg  area.